Mcgregor - REALITY EP



12" NL

Depth Over Distance / DOD222

Front View : Mcgregor - REALITY EP - Depth Over Distance / DOD222
Back View : Mcgregor - REALITY EP - Depth Over Distance / DOD222

It was said that the craft was so large that one could walk for days without touching a wall. That instead of the glowlights above, there was only one, and somehow it split into the many we have today. And in the floor of the ship, there were rushes of water, hallways so to speak, that entire men could float down. And so they did. Depth Over Distance is bringing new talent to the limelight with its second release. A collection of cosmic grooves spanning 5 original tracks conjured by young Bristolian Mcgregor. Going from solid crunchy house grooves (Light Years From You) and an ethereal mix of breaks, pads and crisp percussion (Reality) on one side of the vinyl, to a more extrapolated back side: Wanna E, with its unexpected groove and drops, ready to tear up an unsuspecting dancefloor, Closer feeling like a timeless breakbeat classic and with 1997 (vocal mix) forming an elegant, emotional last note of the EP.

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