E Davd


12" Vinyl UK

X-Kalay / XK012

Front View : E Davd - DISTANT SUN - X-Kalay / XK012
Back View : E Davd - DISTANT SUN - X-Kalay / XK012

Following up Lou Karsh’s excellent “Ataraxia” EP we’re hitting up Australia once again, such is the level of burgeoning talent down under. This time it’s the turn of Sydney native E Davd.

The self-styled Cosmic Healer turns in an EP of similar flavor to his first effort; ice cold pads, hypnotic 303 basslines and liberal use of that 707 rim shot combine to create a record shot through with reflection and melancholy. Tales of lost love and memories past course through every track. Manu sums up the inspiration behind the EP really well, so we’re going to leave the rest of this write up to the artist for once:

“The meaning behind the name of the record is that it's a view of what was once my universe - now it's far away and in the past, I see it in my memory. Like a star that's millions of light years away - there's warmth and a light that still projects from it. Also, a star has a life span from birth to death - they're taken for granted to be eternal objects but they have a beginning and an end just like everything else. The light we see from a star is billions of years old - in reality the star might have died, but we still see its light, and to us this is reality.

It's also a sneaky reference to a cheesy crowded house song lol.” [info from ld]
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