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Futurepast / FP001

Front View : Davy - THE LONG NOW EP - Futurepast / FP001
Back View : Davy - THE LONG NOW EP - Futurepast / FP001

This initial release on the new Futurepast label marks Davy’s first output as a producer, crystallizing his endeavours in the studio and bearing witness to his long-standing experiments in electronic music. Built between London and Berlin over the last four years, The Long Now lays down the blueprints for following ventures on the label: using old and new gear to create unique, obscure soundscapes both outside of memory and away from nostalgic projections of lost futures. In a timeless and precise collaboration, Davy has brought together two historical figures for this release: 1990s R&S Records associate David Morley mixed the tracks, while Simon Davey of The Exchange lent his renownedmastering skills to the project. Temporality, time travel and perception are key concepts for Davy, and not only in the EP’s title. The four stripped-down tracks move forwards, sidewards and backwards in a bid to get us lost – not in space but in what time might sound like should we be swimming through it. Mysterious and ageless synths mesh with the beats of an unnamed drum machine under Davy’s control. We move through a non-linear story told by three distinct forward-thinking techno titles: No Memories Planned, Circular Weeks and Causal Loop. Finally, the titular ambient track pans out cinematically over the images left in our heads: an invitation to begin it all again in The Long Now...

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