Dirk 81


12" Vinyl D

Tartelet / TART041

Front View : Dirk 81 - PIZZA TRANCE EP - Tartelet / TART041
Back View : Dirk 81 - PIZZA TRANCE EP - Tartelet / TART041

Copenhagen s Tartelet is returning to their roots with a dancefloor-focused EP, Pizza Trance, from Dirk 81—a.k.a label head Emil M. Nyholm. Having previously dropped a slew of tracks as Muff Deep and CTEPEO 57 (with Max Graef), the DJ and producer is blessing the universe with three cuts of dancefloor heaven under a new moniker lifted from his days tagging concrete walls in the 90s. Influences draw everywhere from disco, to African hi-life, dub, Underworld, a few old trance records, and timeless house music. Recorded over a year in Berlin and Copenhagen, the record kicks off with -M.F.C-, a disco-afro-house hybrid oozing with Roland Jupiter 6 keys and some funky drums processed on old equipment from the former USSR. The B-side spreads things deep and delicious with -Pizza Trance (Main Mix),- a euphoric serving of sounds that substitutes pepperonis and pineapples for glittering sequencers and a bangin bass drum. The EP s closer tastes like a bit of both, mixing up some more acid sounds into the recipe for a retro-sounding house track. It s another tasty delight from the label that will fulfil any and all late-night cravings, especially if you fiend for Neapolitan pizza.. Leave room for seconds.

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