Eversines - PORTAL EP



12" NL

Depth Over Distance / DOD111

Front View : Eversines - PORTAL EP - Depth Over Distance / DOD111
Back View : Eversines - PORTAL EP - Depth Over Distance / DOD111

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... one day he found a great, reddish slab of stone on the side of the road. It shone. Could he transfer the very same color onto himself? He searched and found a rough surface which he used to scrub the stone hunk until there was a pile of crimson powder. Mixing it with water, he coloured his body with the shinning red. Standing there painted, he began to sing. As he sang, the stone slab on which he stood opened and swallowed him up. Even today, on passing this stone, they say one can still hear the song of the enchanted. From below the surface of Amsterdam s underground, Depth Over Distance will release its first EP of spaced out grooves conjured by Eversines. Four jams covering the spectrum of deep electronic music ranging from slow building anthems (Pyramids) and acid fuelled dubs (Transition Portal and Vultures) to the celestial closing pads of The Other Side signifying the first stop on this journey.

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