Cardace & Perazzini - NOIR JUNGLE PART 1

Cardace & Perazzini


12" Vinyl D

Dissonant / DS032

Front View : Cardace & Perazzini - NOIR JUNGLE PART 1 - Dissonant / DS032
Back View : Cardace & Perazzini - NOIR JUNGLE PART 1 - Dissonant / DS032

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Dissonant is back with a very significant new signing, Cardace & Perazzini and their most complete artistic statement to the date displayed in two parts. Noir Jungle Part I, sets the tone to this exciting project where the talented Italian duo explores different dimensions, taking house and techno as basis to build up with amazing diversity a truly unique style on top of it

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“Grow Box” engage you into a fascinating mysterious route, using strong undercurrents of sub bass and spacious reverb processing, to inspire a truly immersive experience. The detail in the drums is paramount, constantly evolving throughout the track and propelling the metallic textures and spoken word samples towards a dynamic end-point at the deep end of the techno spectrum.
“Noir” leads the way with a catchy hook rooted in cinematic jazz samples that flirt with the crisp drum programming, creating a piece that moves gracefully between tight house rhythms and loose live sounds. This juxtaposition gives the track a natural flamboyancy as well as an atmosphere of seduction, without ever losing sight of the fundamental funk at the heart of the Cardace & Perazzini sound.
“Jungle Terrace” leads the way with a dynamic, enchanting workout that rides on an hypnotic experimental synth tone and a many-layered groove built from organic percussion. These drum licks and wooden ripples lend a natural feel to the track as it twists through crafty edits and a mysterious vocal sample, creating a truly distinctive dance track in the process.
This is a record that gives the taste of the forthcoming double-pack, introducing the core qualities and diversity of Cardace & Perazzini’ sound while raising anticipation for what else they have in store for us on Noir Jungle part II.

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