Various / Alexi Delano. Mike Bryant. BPMF. Anton Kubikov - WE HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE

Various / Alexi Delano. Mike Bryant. BPMF. Anton Kubikov


12" Vinyl US

Losers With Attitude / LWA01

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Here is the debut release from the new label Losers with Attitude. a four track compilation We Have Nothing Left to Lose-that demonstrates the range of sounds you can expect from us in coming releases. The label is the brain child of Aleksey Ageyev. a successful LA based film and TV producer in who was born in Moscow before moving to NYC at age of 16. He has teamed up with his old friend Jason Szostek of Serotonin/Schmer Records to explore the electronic sounds that emanate from the DMZ between house and techno. Alexi Delano needs no introduction as part of the Swedish techno mafia that took over New York techno scene in the 90s Delano has been pumping out tracks that have keep dancefloors moving world wide. Delano brings his awesome sense of groove to the opening track A.L.N. Mike Bryant is a well known DJ in the New York City underground since he came from the midwest in the mid 90s. He s the label head for Intrinsic Design. With his A New Low moniker he sets out on a dark and soulful journey in sound. LWA Labelhead and Prototype 909 member Jason bpmf Szoste s starts side B with a sprawling chill soundscape Sunrise on Mars from his Abide the Glide series of digital releases. Legendary Russian electronic music pioneer Anton Kubikov is famous for his acid adventures in SCSI 9. his label Pro-tez Records and RANDOMART store in Prague. Here he has given us a moody acid groove named We Have a Bridge to close out the compilation.
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