Ben Kaczor


12" Vinyl D

KCZ / KCZ001

Front View : Ben Kaczor - MIND FICTION EP - KCZ / KCZ001
Back View : Ben Kaczor - MIND FICTION EP - KCZ / KCZ001

‘Mind Fiction’, Kaczor s first release, comes with organic artwork such as a growing plant cover and simple yet sleek Thai design inspired by a recent tour to Southeast Asia. The EP serves as a perfect example for Kaczor s own artistic vision: Moody textures and mellower grooves meeting his trademark raw and gritty, forceful attack-laden release of rolling drums, bass and percussion, pointing to Kaczor s own roots in the more stormy outbacks of broken beats or uk bass. First track ‘Balance’ starts off with a softer, textured soundscape, nicely balancing melancholy synth waves and drum rattles into an atmospheric opener with a slowly oncoming and unfurling, melodic twist. The title track ‘Mind Fiction’ more closely follows Kaczors very own signature formula of a simple and driving bassline followed by an evocative build-up rushing into an emotional, cathartic breakdown. ‘Asta’ might be Kazcor s most daring and trippy production to date: An intense mixture between hypnotic, hard hitting thumps and thunderous rolling drums taking the listener into the electrifying whirl of a night-time storm, where the tense and dense, humid atmosphere culminates in a monsoon-like rainfall of spiralling reverb – marking a fitting crescendo for this impressive debut on Kaczor s now very own sonic ground.

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