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12" Vinyl BE

In the Garden / ITG001

Front View : Marius Circus - ROGER WILCOS NIGHT OUT - In the Garden / ITG001
Back View : Marius Circus - ROGER WILCOS NIGHT OUT - In the Garden / ITG001

(Sean Johnston & Oyvind Morken Rmxs) Theres A New Kid In Town! Well, The Kid Behind It Aint All That New, But The Label Is, So We Will Stick To Our Claim. After Having Been Super Quiet On The Output Front For A Good Few Years Now, Oslo Dj Andoccasional Full Pupp Producer Marius Circus Is Back With Boom And A Boing And A Tschak, Having Decided To Launch His Own Label.

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There's a new kid in town! Well, the kid behind it ain't all that new, but the label is, so we will stick to our claim.

After having been super quiet on the output front for a good few years now, Oslo DJ and occasional Full Pupp producer Marius Circus is back with boom and a boing and a tschak, having decided to launch his own label. The label is called "In The Garden". Whether that is a Eurythmics tribute or a nod to suburban living is anyone's guess. It might possibly be both.

In the Garden's first release sees Marius Circus twiddling most of his machines on the title track, «Roger Wilco's Night Out». It's a piece of proper viking rave, obviously referencing everyone's favorite space janitor. Sean Johnston of Hardway Bros fame takes on the title track. He tweaks it into a proper groover, with a slightly darker and moodier vibe. It will surely sit well with the ALFOS crowd. On the flip, «Amateur Time Travels» is a more mellow number, with dreamy synths, marimbas and off-kilter percussion bound to put a smile on your face. Finally, fellow Oslo resident Øyvind Morken takes on «Movements», without any original being in sight. The Moonlighting boss channels his inner Dj Buck and Doc Martin, for a great version with chugging beats and synthesizer lines and bouncy percussion.

There's certainly a little bit of something for everyone on this one. The record comes housed in a stunning sleeve, designed by none other than Pete Fowler.
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