Kerala Dust - LATE SUN EP

Kerala Dust


12" Vinyl D

Laut & Luise / lul010

Front View : Kerala Dust - LATE SUN EP (DWIG REMIX) - Laut & Luise / lul010
Back View : Kerala Dust - LATE SUN EP (DWIG REMIX) - Laut & Luise / lul010

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Like a memory you can’t remember having, surely lost to the past but resurfacing at the hit of the first steady note. So sudden and unexpected it curiously scratches the shell of your inner self. As he himself states: Kerala Dust makes music for a desert he’s never been to. Once again, we have a new addition to the family, once again, like finding the piece of a puzzle you didn’t know was missing - three pieces to be more precise. Carefully crafted music from the head and hands of this one plus two project, completed by a mesmerizing remix from the walking understatement DWIG. Welcome home, Kerala Dust.

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