Amberoom - RHIT EP



12" Vinyl D

Ovum / OVM278

Front View : Amberoom - RHIT EP - Ovum / OVM278
Back View : Amberoom - RHIT EP - Ovum / OVM278

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Introducing Amberoom: a brand new name from three old friends. Manuel Tur, Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan. Operating in a similar mindset to Manuels Ribn project a few years ago, Amberoom is a celebration of the freestyle spirit. Three mates and a bunch of machines jamming the day away with no intention but creating beautiful moments, dynamics and tones.

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The spirit is evident from the off on ‘Rhit’: The mid tempo funk in the percussion, the breath-taking organ blasts, the casually late piano line… The track has a life of its own that could only come about through jamming and open minds. At points heads-down and tribal, at others epic, this really is powerful stuff. The power continues on ‘Hover’. The staggered woodblock beat that ignites the track gives no hint at what’s about to come… Suddenly a dense fog of synths heave into the mix, harmonically weaving with a yearning cosmic far-away feel that’s just as much physical as it is emotional. Genuinely majestic. We close with ‘Machine’ which sums up the beauty of the project; a homage to the hardware being pumped and massaged to create these fusions, it’s an awe-striking 11 minute episode of brilliantly drawn out deep, dubby funk. The guitar twangs and synth ripples creating a strong Balearic feel, the whirling, grainy FX and textures have a trippy appeal while the crunchy kicks keep everything real… This really does take you away to special places. Magic, unique and powered by trueness: Let’s hope Manuel, Adrian and Ramin return to this special place very soon because this is dynamite. [txt from ]
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