The Other People Place


2x12" Vinyl lp UK

Warp Records / WARPLP90R

Front View : The Other People Place - LIFESTYLES OF THE LAPTOP CAFE (2X12 LP + MP3) - Warp Records / WARPLP90R
Back View : The Other People Place - LIFESTYLES OF THE LAPTOP CAFE (2X12 LP + MP3) - Warp Records / WARPLP90R

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(2018 Repress) Re-Release eines absoluten Warp-Katalog-Highlights: das legendäre * The Other People Place* Album (2001) von James Stinson, eine Hälfte der Detroiter Formation Drexciya, der kurz nach Veröffentlichung verstarb. * Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café* , mit seiner atemberaubender Schönheit, Wärme und Emotionalität, gehört zu den beeindruckendsten Meilensteinen des Detroit Techno-Genres und inspirierte spätere Deep House-Werke von Omar S, Jus-Ed und Moodymann sowie moderne UK/US Bass-Künstler wie Actress und Kyle Hall. Schwarzes Doppel-Vinyl mit Download-Code.

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Tucked away in the great depths of the Warp catalogue is this elegant, liquid heartache of a record. An album credited to the late James Stinson, one half of cult-Detroit techno unit (alongside Gerald Donald) Drexciya, Lifestyles... stands as one of the remarkable records of the genre. Stinson died a year after release, lending this already beautiful work endless resonance. Where the dystopian aqua-tronics of previous Drexciya were often jet-black, cold, brittle and abrasive this is a yearning soul music, played out down rain soaked streets, the buzzing lights of industry flickering in the darkness, the warm blue of a new day ready to break. This is a record where techno reached its raw, most emotive peak... Sustained pads paint minor-key melodies while electroid-vocals are buried deep in the hydrothermal mass of squelching bass-clusters and funky-filtered bleeps. At its skittering percussion core, a stripped back 808 tapestry, sequenced into myriad jazz-inflected shapes, a pulsing kick drum the snapping heartbeat, ticking hi-hats bursting from every angle. All this tingles with the ghosts of records past, of Kraftwerkian humanoids, of first-wave Detroit, of refracted Hancock and Ayres, but as Stinson intones on the fifth track, ‘let me be what I wanna be’, Lifestyles is a creation all of its own special making, a sound that would inspire the latter day deep-house machinations of Omar S, Jus-Ed, Moodymann and influence –however indirectly- a wealth of current UK/US bass operators including Actress and Kyle Hall. More importantly it remains a beguiling epitaph to Stinson’s sadly distinguished life. [info from ]
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