Stereoyunost / Wall $treet - SPLIT EP

Stereoyunost / Wall $treet


12" Vinyl US

Mysidian / MSDN1205

Front View : Stereoyunost / Wall $treet - SPLIT EP - Mysidian / MSDN1205
Back View : Stereoyunost / Wall $treet - SPLIT EP - Mysidian / MSDN1205

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Rumours have been swirling that Hillary D. Rodham has teamed up with Wall Street to take on the Kremlin s most powerful sleeper agent and dearest droog of Mr. Putin, Donald Trump. In response, Trump has hired a group of hackers to penetrate the DNC s e-mail server. For unknown reasons several of the files attached to these e-mails have been labeled as Stereoyunost . Wikileaks was kind enough to release audio recordings to Mysidian that were found on the server and have immediately been pressed to vinyl. Don Jones & Bill Benjamins have been linked to the recordings but we re still unsure who Stereoyunost is and the connection they all have with each other. Super limited US imports

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