36 - Seconds & Fiorever


Seconds & Fiorever

12" Vinyl UK

Mystic & Quantum / M&Q 009

Front View : 36 - Seconds & Fiorever - Mystic & Quantum / M&Q 009
Back View : 36 - Seconds & Fiorever - Mystic & Quantum / M&Q 009

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We stood on the edge of forever. One final dream into time. A silent voice in an empty room. The numbers, We never truly knew. By now, producer 3Six has collated an impressive amount of releases on his own self-titled imprint, and it feels like about time he was scouted by a label like Mystic & Quantum, who are making strides in their development as quality issuers of fine ambient music. Second & Forever- comes in two parts: the A-side is mellow and soothing, the sort of music you d feel absolutely fine leaving on in the background for hours on end, while the B-side is more involved and more acoustically demanding thanks to a delicate morphing of sinewaves and pads.

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