Gaspara - NAFPI EP


12 Inch

Dissonant / DS029

Front View : Gaspara - NAFPI EP - Dissonant / DS029
Back View : Gaspara - NAFPI EP - Dissonant / DS029

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Dissonant returns with some thrilling, fresh grooves from New York City by the talented producer Bobby Gasparakis for the upcoming release. The legacy of NY house on Gaspara sound is balanced out by a measured and energetic approach reaching the most effective dancefloor cuts.

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The title track on this “Nafpi EP” is a perfect example with plenty of subtle touches into the mix that edge the funk into this exciting Spartan soundscape, from playful conga hits to the insistent clap always increasing the pull of the rhythm section. Providing the perfect contrast, “A Pillow for Julia” is an adventurous and exotic excursion with organic instrumentation alongside distant sweeps of pads, subtle shimmers of dub chords sounding sometimes like swirling vocals. This combination unfolds like a gripping story, carefully arranged across nine minutes of transcendental music to create a spiritual experience that shows Gaspara’s diversity. Whether you want a straight-ahead club workout or a sensual trip into more unusual realms of house music, Gaspara has proved to be an outstanding talent on his first release for Dissonant.
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