Trulz Robin - KUA EP

Trulz Robin


12" Vinyl D

Full Pupp / FP053

Front View : Trulz Robin - KUA EP - Full Pupp / FP053
Back View : Trulz Robin - KUA EP - Full Pupp / FP053

Trulz & Robin aka Trulz Kvam & Robin Crafoord do slowburning, airy but distinct fascinating house music, warm, bright, focussed but playful, reduced, but open to surprise. Signed with atmospheric grooves, a stomping kick, subtle klick and lurching bassline. Spiced with plentyfull electronic or sometimes acidic elements this is like straight out of a future club that we like to visit over and over and never seem to get over until breakfast time arrives. written by Full Pupps HH, on the first sunny Day in May, 2016

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