Obas Nenor


12" Vinyl D

Heist / Heist018

Front View : Obas Nenor - THE CEAPER BUING EP (180G VINYL) - Heist / Heist018
Back View : Obas Nenor - THE CEAPER BUING EP (180G VINYL) - Heist / Heist018

We have had our eyes on Obas Nenor for a while and after his disco-meets-Detroit affair on Mahogani, and some great releases on his newly started own label Nenorian music and Sol Power, were happy to share his work for Heist with you.

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‘The Ceaper Buing EP” features 4 original cuts and a remix by Swedish “Mr. Tophat” that navigates somewhere between really weird, and really groovy. If you’ve seen any of his studio videos, you’ll see he’s has a great mix between live instrumentation, and sampling on his MPC, and each track on this EP has so many great elements working together, that it will be hard to pick a favorite. “The doors” has a great filtered funk loop going on with some roughed up disco percussion, whereas the Tophat remix twists and turns the original into somewhat of a tribal(ish) drum workout that is probably best enjoyed in a really really dark room. “Glimpse of light” has some really interesting sampling going on with a feel that is almost ‘rock’, but gets more and more disco with some lovely synth work as the track progresses. As a counterpart to the first part of the EP, ‘Wacky’ slows things down to give you a summery, afro inspired track that we forced him to send us after we saw a short clip online of him jamming away on his Korg x-911. UV lights is a somewhat special track for us that you wouldn’t expect on Heist at first, but makes for a great addition to our musical world. It’s perfect ‘hands-in-the-air’ end of the night material, with a serene and emotional vibe that is really hard not to love. Altogether, it’s a great EP that we’re really happy to share with you. Sincerely yours, Lars & Maarten [txt from ]
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