Bessiekat - TRIBE



coloured 12" Vinyl UK

Flumo Limited / FLTD010

Front View : Bessiekat - TRIBE (COLOURED VINYL) - Flumo Limited / FLTD010
Back View : Bessiekat - TRIBE (COLOURED VINYL) - Flumo Limited / FLTD010

The latest signing to Flumo is Bessiekat. Brewed in districts and clubs of Moscow, with a label of his own, Isaiah Tapes, he delivers a strong rhythm with harmonic dispositions, all painted with industrially laced colours of the hardware he uses to create the following pieces. The two originals Hearp and Pearls share a commonality in developing vivid landscapes of overlapping analogue sonic expositions. However, they differ in the way that the former warms you up and brings you more attentively to the speaker, while the latter throws you back on the deep, dark, early morning dancefloor.

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