Etapp Kyle


12" Vinyl D

Unterton / Unterton 08 / U-TON 08

Front View : Etapp Kyle - CONTINUUM EP - Unterton / Unterton 08 / U-TON 08
Back View : Etapp Kyle - CONTINUUM EP - Unterton / Unterton 08 / U-TON 08

2018 Repress! Etapp Kyle for fans of Ostgut-Ton and Klockworks.

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After his joining with Ostgut Booking in 2015, his contribution to the Ostgut Ton | Zehn compilation and two 12“es on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, Ukraine-born, now Berlin-based producer and DJ Etapp Kyle debuts on Unterton.
As with his previous releases Etapp Kyle captures his playful, multi-layered Techno endeavours with single-word track titles: Continuum EP starts off with “Opto”, an atmospheric track with fazing bleeps, ensouled synths and subdued claps – a prime example of his great feel for musical detail. “Ahora” builds upon this vibe with more asynchronous drum patterns, well placed drips of melody, distant pulses, mesmerizing pads and hints of rattles amongst other percussion.
The EPs title track “Continuum” is distinctive through its use of industrial hammer jabs and reduced, puzzling synth pads that are counteracted by a more dominant, steady and stubborn kick drum. “Limb” contrasts unconventional pulsating, hypnotic synth tones with sharp claps and snare sounds, and rounds off this 12“ of all new, puristic and futurist Techno, catering as much to the darker corners as to the brightest spots of the dance floor. [txt from ]
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