Tagwell Woods - MECCA

Tagwell Woods
12" Vinyl NL
Photic Fields / PF11

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Its Been Two Years Since Tagwell Woods First Appeared On W.t. Records. His Rich And Refreshingly Unique Techno Style Caught The Ears Of The Faithful. Finally. Finally. The Londoner Is Back On Vinyl With Six Pieces Of His Original Brand Of Machine Music. And The Wait Is Worth It.
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Tracks like "Christmas" and "Training" pulsate with feeling. Others like "Rabbit Society" and "Chance" build on that emotion. Crisp percussion and heartening strings are weaved as lush moments and textures unfurl. The 12" is incredibly deep and flooded with sentiment. But don't be mistaken into thinking Tagwell Woods deals in weight, instead it's his lightness of touch that sings. "Tied Waves" is fragile and delicate, whispering before blossoming into being. The finale, the beautifully uplifting "Velocity", has that same deftness. Mecca defies classification. Electronica. Techno. House. Acid. All are lovingly melted tog ether to produce an absorbing and soulful second release, a release which is testament to the talent of this fledgling musician. Limited to 300 copies, 180 gr vinyl.

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