Syncmode - SYNCMODE



12" Vinyl ES

Minimal Soul / MSR010

Front View : Syncmode - SYNCMODE (VINYL ONLY) - Minimal Soul / MSR010
Back View : Syncmode - SYNCMODE (VINYL ONLY) - Minimal Soul / MSR010

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In 1997 the Vienna, Austria based live act Syncmode was founded and formed by Bernd Rausch & Sascha Sadat Guscheh. Their first 2 EPs were self released between 2001–2003 and continue to play an important role in their reclusive production ethic. They continue collaborations with a close knit operation between 24seven and Breakin Stevens, which has directly triggered them to surpass the common duo and develop into a collective of changing members, which include the latest fixed members Christof Winkler and Sonny Blake. This EP is stripped down to a mix of live synthesis and heady synth-sync and machine drum trickery as it touches on past and future electronic music production techniques and solidifies these four tracks on a solid 12″, Vinyl. Very Rare and limited! Due-Out-In-Summer-2015!

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