Louis McGuire


12" Vinyl FR

Lessizmore / LIZM11

Front View : Louis McGuire - FALLING UPRIGHT EP - Lessizmore / LIZM11
Back View : Louis McGuire - FALLING UPRIGHT EP - Lessizmore / LIZM11

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After the last Lessizmore release found San Proper and Maayan Nidam crossing swords for the simmering, jammed-out tones of It Was A Night Like This, now the label turns to another close ally for a slice of discerning, upfront house music. Louis McGuire lives many different lives in music, from drumming with indie pop outfit Ballet School to playing bass for lo-fi electronica group The Waves & Us. Now though his own solo productions are being noticed in the house and techno world, with this new EP following on from a well-received debut on Supply Records. The diversity of McGuire’s musical leanings feeds into his distinctive sound, as his own take on stripped down, sensual house music bristles with unconventional energy to make for an unforgettable experience that steps up to the most creative frontiers of dance music. Live drum sounds rattle around the mix free from quantized safety, while the melodic tones come on warm and fuzzy, capturing the hazy romance of a late morning session as much as the early part of the evening. It’s apparent that McGuire’s weapon of choice is the MPC, channeling his love of gritty beats in the grand tradition of Point G and J. Dilla. You can hear the spirit of the most adventurous micro house pioneers in the quirky funk of Light Hearted, while Óreitha revels in the transcendental qualities of a sustained groove without even a whisper of monotony. Even with these unusual qualities the music is resolutely built for the dancefloor, and that McGuire manages to be so creative and so focused in the same beat is reason enough to keep tabs on this multifarious and unpredictable operator.

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