Tulbure & Hubble - LE RECONTRE

Tulbure & Hubble


12" Vinyl US

Archipel / ARCHPL029

Front View : Tulbure & Hubble - LE RECONTRE - Archipel / ARCHPL029
Back View : Tulbure & Hubble - LE RECONTRE - Archipel / ARCHPL029

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Sardinian born, Berlin based producer Hubble is known to create implicitly ethereal moods. His way to keep people off guard as well as making a musical commitment through long excursion is unique to him. On this EP titles La Rencontre (eg. Meeting), he crosses paths with his Romanian friend Tulbure.

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Somehow managing simultaneous dissonance and concretion; ‘La Rencontre’ could be the soundtrack to both your birth and death. It is a boxer who’s mastered the ring, and punch by punch you realize that it has you beat, but you are happy to wave a white flag and succumb to its presence. The space in which the EP operates in is 360 degrees, tempos throb and the listener is transported to total darkness. Your only wish post listening, will be that you don’t have to come back to the world. Tulbure’s track Condor is more of a mindcluster robotic swing that leaves you muted. While both tracks work together, this release is meant to be two variables of parallel worlds of these talented artists. [txt from ]
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