Ken Karter - INVERSO

Ken Karter


12" Vinyl D

Kript Records / KRIPTINVERSO-01

Front View : Ken Karter - INVERSO - Kript Records / KRIPTINVERSO-01
Back View : Ken Karter - INVERSO - Kript Records / KRIPTINVERSO-01

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“INVERSO” is the new vinyl sub-label of Kript Records, whose concept is based on the meaning that the word assumes in different fields, in mathematics for example the “INVERSO” Ratio means that the product of the variables always remain constant. But the word “INVERSO” is also a concept that leads to an exact opposite of what it assumes. These two meanings of the word “INVERSO” inspire all the tracks of the label, characterized by a -Noisy and Distorted- sound, where symmetry and asymmetry live together and where analog source and analog processing give a great touch of depth.

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