Deadboy - RETURN



12" Vinyl UK

Numbers / NMBRS33

Front View : Deadboy - RETURN - Numbers / NMBRS33
Back View : Deadboy - RETURN - Numbers / NMBRS33

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Over the course of four EPs for Numbers and creation of his own label ‘Total Fantasy’, Deadboy has charted his own path far beyond the deep black space of mediocrity with previous records ‘If U Want Me’, ‘Here’ & ‘BLAQUEWERK’. On ‘Return’ Deadboy journeys further into uncharted territories, taking his music to the darkest recesses of disco and extraterrestrial synth-werk. The opening track ‘Return’ finds the London-based producer taking cues from the likes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze with a gentle ambient opener that unwraps to reveal a beautiful and moving track. ‘Des Niles’ is a shimmering disco track built around an 80s boogie bassline, plus those killer Deadboy vocal chop-ups that take us even deeper into the producers nighttime world. Samples are worked to within an inch of their life on the floor-ready ‘YHVH’, whilst punchy bass and synth stabs take care of the rest. Things then move swiftly on to ‘Life Code’, with the Deadboy once again notching the tempo down and letting the track’s wistful oriental melodies ride out into the dark.

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