Till Krueger - TRENDS EP



BergWacht Records / Bergw003

Front View : Till Krueger - TRENDS EP - BergWacht Records / Bergw003
Back View : Till Krueger - TRENDS EP - BergWacht Records / Bergw003

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BergWacht Records shows up with its third release Trends EP. For this project, the young imprint invite someone who is a real good producer for the worldwide Techno scene and part of the Cologne underground family as well: Till Krueger, who started his career 2010 with the well-known and featured Wrong Shirt EP on 200 Recordsand is an important exclusive part of WIR networks international artist rosterby now. He currently gets attention for his Motor City EP and Full Support EP. As you see, BergWachts family story goes on.

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Title track “Trends” on A-Side starts with a strong and to-the-point kick that directly puts this track on the floor. Soon thoughtful, melodic patterns pour into this clear announcement before the pumping subbass synth with a special impulsive flow is added. Later on, fussy and dreamy heights bring the whole thing to an atmospheric turning point. This arrangement is a perfect dancing of peaktime bass elements with flying tender sounds. “Skew”again makes short work at the beginning: An irresistible, magnetic kick is accompanied by a groovy and funky sample, while in the background a deep melody gets started to be built up as the harmonic base. Bit by bit, the track is brought forward by several percussive parts, melancholic, heart-touching sounds and well-timed breaks. Another ecstatic tune to kill the crowd!Second track on B-Side, Good N808, truly lives up to its name. Deeper than the two ancestors, it also satisfies every needs with Till Krüger’s unique happening of drifting kicks, forward-pressing drumsets, catchy melodies and lovely harmonics. [txt from ]
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