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12" 12.10.16
alessandro diga, a young talented dutch artist, delivers 3 solid techno tracks for the fifth release on the bergwacht record label. “phaedra” starts with a great bassline and goes into a warm melodic techno track with a lot of emotions, dreamy synths and it goes along with a clear hihat. the track is able to be dreamy and not cheesy at the same time. “sonora” is grounded on a rolling bassline and clear hi-hats as well, it goes over in nice effects with outstanding breaks, but it finds back to the starting rhythms. “dahlia” the hidden b-2 track transmits a deep journey with melancholic feelings.
BergWacht Records
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12" 23.09.15
even though the gazel ep is his first ever solo release on vinyl, Ümit han performs, produces, and talks about music as if he has already released 19 records. a longtime supporter and visitor to the cologne music scene, Ümit is a talented artist, one of the few who produces and performs using only a selection of his favorite analogue gear. so much gear in fact, he has a crew tag along with him to gigs just to help carry the various synthesizers, mixers, and effects processors. he takes music very seriously, his passion is clear, the love is there, and for his first solo outing he joins cologne s leading melodic techno event series turned label, bergwacht. a perfect fit.
supported by marco carola, dj hell, daniel bortz, sasse, sasha, marc poppcke, mistress barbara, patrick muschiol, solee, eelke kleijn and many more!
BergWacht Records
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12" 11.03.14
bergwacht records shows up with its third release trends ep. for this project, the young imprint invite someone who is a real good producer for the worldwide techno scene and part of the cologne underground family as well: till krueger, who started his career 2010 with the well-known and featured wrong shirt ep on 200 recordsand is an important exclusive part of wir networks international artist rosterby now. he currently gets attention for his motor city ep and full support ep. as you see, bergwachts family story goes on.
BergWacht Records
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