Reboot - DEEP_V



2x12" Vinyl D

Deep Vibes / DVR023LP

Front View : Reboot - DEEP_V (2X12 INCH LP) - Deep Vibes / DVR023LP
Back View : Reboot - DEEP_V (2X12 INCH LP) - Deep Vibes / DVR023LP

DEEP VIBES RECORDINGS returns to the fore with none other than notorious Frank Heinrich aka REBOOT, purveyor of masterfully crafted rhythm etudes and a highly respected member of Frankfurts vibrant house scene. With DEEP V, the Offenbach-bred producer brings his seething second album to Sascha Dives imprint, bursting at the seams with intricate percussive bliss and nimble-footed grooves for the enthused dancer.

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The Reboot project certainly hasn’t lost his flair for fine-grained, impressively bendy tracks since the very first full-length offering “Shunyata” on Luciano’s legendary Cadenza outlet, presenting a new set of underground cuts deeply ingrained in dance music’s rich history of kinetic hypnotism. Honed to perfection, opening jam TORTOISE sets the tone with a pleasantly relaxed jog in the company of seemingly scattered drum fragments, nevertheless revealing a deliberate focus and polymorphic confidence at every turn. Following microbangers HARSH TIME FOR KIDS and CHE MELONI occupy themselves with slowly raising the stakes, growing bolder with each sequence and populating the dance floor with snazzy moves. The build-up leads to neotribal workout BANGING EAR DRUMS captivating the senses with a fine assortment of airy samples and driving drum patterns. Together with CD bonus tracks TANTRIC BEHAVIOURS and HOW PROVINCE SAVED THE FUNK - both every bit as oscillatory as their vinyl relatives -, this makes for a rather complete package from an artist who already excels at the art of living, breathing beats, but keeps on getting better before our very ears. Vital Sales Points: - Second Album by Reboot aka Frank Heinrich - Releases on Cadenza, Below, Defected, La Pena, Oslo - Extensive Global Promo + Tour [txt from ]
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