Qik - AM 05


AM 05

12" Vinyl D

Aula Magna / AMR005

Front View : Qik - AM 05 - Aula Magna / AMR005
Back View : Qik - AM 05 - Aula Magna / AMR005

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Welcome to Enrique Casals first solo EP on Aula Magna. Through four bass-heavy cuts we are submerged into his spaced out dub-injected experimental techno world. Each track unfolds itself through carefully designed beats and sounds programmed into four concrete ideas. Dance-floor burner Elenin is an energetic highlight from Qiks latest Live sets, and it kicks off a trek that concludes with the noise and glitch madness of Arenos. In the middle, Dekonst dives into the darker depths of the artists dub visions and Cyclo combines stormy dub chords with a healthy dose of funkier breakbeats. More and more hidden layers of sound are discovered through each new listen. An unmissable experience.

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