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Outernational Recordings / OUTNL008

Front View : M5K - SKY ROAD (DEEP SPACE ORCHESTRA REMIX) - Outernational Recordings / OUTNL008
Back View : M5K - SKY ROAD (DEEP SPACE ORCHESTRA REMIX) - Outernational Recordings / OUTNL008

Support by: Dicky Trisco, Sleazy McQueen, Tensnake, Laurent Garnier, Toomy Disco, OOFT!, Autodeep, Mike W (Kolour Recordings), Jacques Renault, Daniel Solar, James Johnston, Luv Shack Records, Ben La Desh, Norm De Plume, The Revenge

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There's something magical about certain cities and their respective scenes. Whether we're talking about New York, Berlin, London or Moscow, you can always expect quality when they are mentioned in a conversation. The same goes for the up-and-coming but always interesting Melbourne. Over the last couple of years we've seen a strong increase of Australian producers dropping one great project after another. Artists that come to mind are names like Tornado Wallace, Fantastic Man, Michael Ozone and Andras Fox. Add a vibrant nightlife and a couple of young producers next in line and you end up with a city to be reckoned with.

One of those names is M5K, a young Melbourne based producer who's been creating a buzz the past year by releasing on the established Melbourne Deepcast label and doing a string of DJ gigs in and around the city. And now we have the priviledge to release his very first full length EP. And it's an absolute belter of a project.

The EP opens up with 'SKY ROAD', a fast burner clocking in just under 7 minutes. The track is filled with heavy arpeggio synths, a thumping bassline and heavy drums. In other words, the perfect peak time tune that will do justice to any dancefloor. The B side however, starts out with the more laid back 'SPIRIT LEVELS' which is a track that can only be described as 'cinematic'. It's once again very synth heavy but the song creates such an atmosphere that it's hard to miss its nuances and subtleties. To top it all off, we have the honour of none other than UK based producers Deep Space Orchestra on the remix tip of 'SKY ROAD'. Flipping the original in such a creative way but still honing in to the feel of the M5K track, this remix can only be classified as an absolute thrill to listen to. It takes the groove of the original and extends it to an incredible build up, of which we are sure will enrichen every DJ set. [txt from ]
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