Ben Sun


12" Vinyl UK

Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG30

Front View : Ben Sun - YOUR FOOTPRINTS (W/ TEVO HOWARD REMIX) - Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG30
Back View : Ben Sun - YOUR FOOTPRINTS (W/ TEVO HOWARD REMIX) - Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG30

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New Years Deal - Time To Welcome Back Ben Sun To Dog Following His 2012 Debut With Us, The Love Momentum Ep Which Had The Likes Of Gerd, Soul Clap And Red Rackem Salivating Nicely.

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The London based , Australian born producer is one of a handful of talented and exciting young antipodeans creating a buzz right now alongside the likes of Tornado Wallace, Frank Booker and Fantastic Man to name a few. With just a handful of releases and remixes appearing on esteemed labels such as Royal Oak, Quintessentials and his own Voyeurhythm labels itʼs clear that Benʼs happy to put the groundwork in and focus on quality over quantity.

Kicking off the EP we have the title track Your Footprints setting the scene with Benʼs trademark raw hihats, bass and 909 kick. Weʼre talking unashamedly old school Nu Groove-era house here but with a deep sense of knowledge and skill which pushes things way beyond the pastiche. Chiming melodies join the gentle string line while the soft vocal repeats hypnotically. Layers of percussion build to the breakdown where things get a little more frenetic with the introduction of timbales and extra vocals, but all the while a laid back, subdued feeling remains making this such an easy track to fall in love with as you would some long-lost classic inadvertantly rediscovered.

Next up Ben drops the BPMʼs a little for a lovely, loose, lo-slung number known as Affirmation. A snaking analogue bass line provides the hook and sets the scene whilst a layer of moody chords build around it underpinned by benʼs carefully crafted MPC beats and vocal FX. This one is very simple but will kill it on a big system.

Finally we have the Chicago don Tevo Howard getting busy on his remix of Your Footprints. Never one to spit n polish things to the point of sterilization, Tevo keeps things dirty and raw in the extreme which only adds to the sleazy, almost disturbing vibe of the original. Working up a brilliantly catchy new synth bass line and simple drum groove we venture deep into the world of Mr Howard as he does his inimitable thing so perfectly. [txt from ]
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