Craig McWhinney - WILD COAST

Craig McWhinney


12" Vinyl D

Steadfast Records / steadfast 016

Front View : Craig McWhinney - WILD COAST (ECHOLOGIST REMIX) - Steadfast Records / steadfast 016
Back View : Craig McWhinney - WILD COAST (ECHOLOGIST REMIX) - Steadfast Records / steadfast 016

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Craig McWhinney is a Melbourne based DJ, producer and live artist. Beginning his techno explorations behind the decks in 2000, his transition to the studio has been swift and fruitful. A string of releases on his own label Haul Music which he co-founded in 2008 with friends Mike Callander and Christian Vance, are now being backed up with remixes and EPs for Speedy Js Electric Deluxe, and Brendon Moellers Steadfast records. Drawing upon his wealth of DJing experience, he crosses the boundaries of dub infused techno and house with precision and intent, blurring the line between dance floor dynamics, home listening, experimentation and sound design. He is also collaborating with Mike Callander as Haul Music Live, fusing Craigs rhythms with Mikes soundscapes to create unique dance floor interpretations of their individual sound experimentations. Wild Coast is a low-slung filthy minimal romp that possesses as much primal energy as it does futuristic funk. Bassbins and heads are likely to be blown by this demented puppy. Echologist keeps things lofi, hypnotic and subby.

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