Gianluca Meloni - ANTHEMUSA EP

Gianluca Meloni


12" Vinyl D

Outis Music / outis002

Front View : Gianluca Meloni - ANTHEMUSA EP (DINO SABATINI REMIX) - Outis Music / outis002
Back View : Gianluca Meloni - ANTHEMUSA EP (DINO SABATINI REMIX) - Outis Music / outis002

First Time only on !!! Gianluca Meloni - Ostinate Sin (Original) - solid track, no mercy, obsessively sinusoidal but with intense harmonic colors growing through infinite, showing Gianlucas long experience as musician and producer. Gianluca Meloni - Ostinate Sin (Dino Sabatini Remix) an erupting volcano maybe is the best way to define the crazy rhythmic of this remix, killer dynamics bass frequencies and psicoharmonic filter treatment over noise generated percussions shifting sound perception, to be used with care, to avoid dancefloor explosion!

“Anthemusa EP”, made in collaboration with another nobody who has been enchanting me with his xtraordinary music since many years; with him i shared technical and musical growth. Gianluca Meloni was born and is actually living in Rome; with him i was forming the duo modern heads and considering it´s 15 years we are working together i can with no doubt assert that together we have been creating the style that today is what i call mine, what i call the "Outis" style. 4 years ago i have been moving to Berlin and the thing i miss the most is playing music with him. Into "Anthemusa EP" we merged once again our musical ideas, but this time with two soloist proposal, leaving space to our emotions and our own way to make techno. I hope you´ll enjoy.
Dino Sabatini - autumn 2011 [info from mm]
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