60 Hertz Project - CAPRICORN

60 Hertz Project


12" Vinyl FR

Gogo Music / GOGO044

Front View : 60 Hertz Project - CAPRICORN - Gogo Music / GOGO044
Back View : 60 Hertz Project - CAPRICORN - Gogo Music / GOGO044

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GOGO Music unleashes the 60 Hertz Project invigorated with Ralf GUM and Essential I treatments. Their world debut single >Capricorn< is an admirable jazz house affair featuring magnificent Vibraphone and Guitar soli with a good dose of melancholy. 60 Hertz Project was formed mid June 2009 in Pretoria and is a live performing group fusing musicians and producers. It was initiated by the young producer and DJ talented BlackJean. He was joined by the likeminded Deeptwelve and MarvinK, who inspired to collaborate with pianist SDK, bass-player Kmor, guitarist Tap plus percussionist and vocalist Cromy. Conjoined they deliver an outstanding performance combining live played instrumentation and electronic beats which brings jazz to the house club and house to the jazz bar. GOGO Music now releases with >Capricorn< their first ever record crowing with remixes by Ralf GUM and Essential

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