Geeks & Gaz / Daily - INHALE EP

Geeks & Gaz / Daily


12" Vinyl UK

Cargo Records / inhale001

Front View : Geeks & Gaz / Daily - INHALE EP (JACK DIXON REMIX) - Cargo Records / inhale001
Back View : Geeks & Gaz / Daily - INHALE EP (JACK DIXON REMIX) - Cargo Records / inhale001

>Going On< from Geeks & Gaz is a deep 140bpm roller with rich synth swells and grainy disembodied vocals which lend a washed-out melancholy air, while a limber 2Step house rhythm propels a truly transporting five minutes of eyes-closed Burial-esque low end groove, making for a track that will hit equal targets on the dancefloor and in the headphones. Daily delivers >Untitled<, an old-school UK Garage-inspired track which comes to life with a slow rising synth line underpinned by a sparse beat, before breaking brightly open into a scene of high pitched buzzing keys and some seriously complex percussive intricacies, rapid on the conga skins and hard down on the blunted kick drum. For further triple-win value, hype West London producer Jack Dixon offers a jaw-dropping refix of >Going On<, massaging the original into a sensuously twisted UK Funky / Garage hybrid shape, introducing dramatic synth lines, hypnotic vocal stabs, and a hightened detail in the beat programming which somehow increases the tunes club-tooled precision while simultaneously enhancing its wistful and reflective mood.

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