Housemeister - MUSIC IS AWESOME



12" Vinyl D

Boys Noize / BNR058

Front View : Housemeister - MUSIC IS AWESOME (BOYS NOIZE, BONAPARTE, FEADZ RMXS) - Boys Noize / BNR058
Back View : Housemeister - MUSIC IS AWESOME (BOYS NOIZE, BONAPARTE, FEADZ RMXS) - Boys Noize / BNR058

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Come end of May, dancefloors will be overdosing on awesome music. Legendary dirty man HOUSEMEISTER will blow out his third mother-L fucking-P >Music is Awesome< for the wicked, and rave will reign again. But you can’t just stick your face out into this kind of quality noize - it would mini-melt right off, see!? So Housemeister took instant classic electro anthem title track >Music is Awesome< to some players and friends and said >Look boys, I m putting out a smaller dose upfront so nobody will die on the dancefloor, now who s gonna help me save some lives?< Everybody was in on this EP effort, of course.

Siriusmo and friends hooked up with illustration genius Gogoplata for the artwork (100% hand-made!), rave rocket launcher Boys Noize himself sandblasted the track to his image, Paris buddy Feadz (Ed Banger) redefined “playfulness” with notes like stars in the sky and insane drum programming, true techno lover Cosmin TRG (Monkeytown) reduced it to the max, and then Bonaparte came around with a running nose and a live recording straight outta rehearsal room. A live recording, that’s right. A punk-ass, hard-core fest of drums, bass, guitar and moog, with old-school crowd shouts ‘n everything! This is so brutal, people are gonna die! So beautiful, people are gonna die dancing! Housemeister was so inspired he had to put his own chunk of rework on this bitch as well. So be aware, you sick kids. If you really want to overdose on awesomeness, you have been warned. Housemeisters “Music is Awesome” EP is out on Boysnoize Records, and it will do the trick. Let’s just hope some of you will make it to May. [bnr058_info from wa]
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