Om Unit
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Civil Music / civ019

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Following his prized Joker rework. his inclusion on the hefty Fabric-curated >Elevator Music< comp. his dope 7 inch for the All City crew. and Corridor EP on Plasticians Terrorhythm imprint - not to mention a slew of remixes - Om Unit joins the Civil Music stable alongside Starkey. Reso. dEbruit. Drums of Death and Darling Farah. And yet again we see him pushing his sonic manifesto ever further. With years of working intently at the nexus of instrumental beats and electronic music. its time for The Timps EP. The Timps is Real Electro. Faceless. percussive. underground with a sci-fi feel. Dark. futuristic and dancefloor-oriented. punctuated with elements of 80s Detroit Techno.
Om Unit has blasted his sound into deep space, adding eerie electronic futurism to his niche blend of slow boogie, house, techno and hip-hop beats with those classic analogue synth lines. It nods to both the ever exciting and forever morphing instrumental beat scene and to the heavy flow of early pioneering Detroit techno via UR and the likes of Drexciya/Aux 88. The Timps sees Om Unit interfacing funk and futurism. Analogue bass lines are sequenced, arpeggiated and twisted to devastating effect. Synthetic riffs and atonal sound effects with heavy reverbs, delays and phasers drift along with eerie synthetic strings emphasizing the retro futuristic themes of the music. The remixe comes from Frite Nites’ US beat maker and a one-to-watch in 2011, Salva. His rework of Prawn Cocktail pulses and throbs towards its intergalactic destination, with beats that speed along with accelerating urgency. This is Electro. Real Electro. Moody, minimal and 25 years on.
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