Sinan Kaya
12" Vinyl D
Tonkind / Tok014

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With this release Sinan Kaya. an Istanbul based DJ and producer. is becoming a fresh member of the Berlin Tonkind crew. Since 2001 his passion became also his profession. which he continuously dispread with dj-ing and scores of releases across the Bosporus over to Europe. His productions and sets can be defined as deep and playful. So aswell this release. which comes up with three variable tracks. Something Else in the front. shows Sinan Kayas touch for the impulsive sound.This track becomes a real trip on the dance floor and reflects a farsighted feeling for elctronic dance music. On the Fells operates more the minimal genre and adepts a symbiosis of many samples. a duby bass and a bumpy rollin groove. As last but not least there is Bloom. a rather charming and friendly tech/ deep house track consisting all required ingredients to make it work as dance floor teaser. In all three tracks its possible to notice some eclectic material of Jazz. Funk. Chigago and Jackin fragments put together to a unique sound and providing a different vision for life
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