12" Vinyl D

Echocord 39

Front View : Fluxion - INDUCTANCE EP - Echocord 39
Back View : Fluxion - INDUCTANCE EP - Echocord 39

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We are very proud to announce that Fluxions new 12 inch will be released on Echocord + an upcoming full-lenght album later. Greek artist Fluxion (aka Konstantinos Soublis) first presented his style of dub-influenced techno through a series of 12 inches and albums on the Berlin label Chain Reaction, starting with Lark / Atlos in 1998. He then released a handful of 12 inches, which ended up in the two Vibrant Forms releases. In 1999 he created the Vibrant Music label.Fluxions first 12 inch release on Echocord titled >Inductance<, is what the title implies. It is an escalating reaction between sound and flowing particles, a dance infusion. Two deep dub club tracks that with a strong movement feel, and sublime atmosphere, characteristic of his productions. >Inductance<, always changing, with a strong dubby platform and elements moving and shifting on top, living the listener wanting more, despite the 8 and so minutes. A deep listening track straight for the dancefloor. >Elation< is a more atmospheric track creating strong emotions, in a more suttle way. A climax of sounds and harmonics that carries the listener, to a higher emotional state. The rythmical dub base alongsibe repetitive melodic parts complete the picture of a unique listening.

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