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12" Vinyl D 21.10.16
its time to celebrate the return of tom lunn and finnian casey to sneaky music.
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12" Vinyl D 08.09.16
at sneaky we are very pleased to welcome g.markus. what can we say about him? not much apart from the fact that he makes super groovy old-skool house beats like not many can these days. spreading perverted twistedness mixed with great classic housey vocals, ‘smoking hut’ will be how your dance floor will end up when you play this record out. recently also known for releasing great re-edits on soul clap records and as part of s.h.a.g edits va on roots for bloom. what else can we say? well, not much, really. g insisted on having a clause on the contract that clearly states that his true identity shall not be revealed. all we can say is that he’s a real mofo and that you’d be better off listening to his music instead of to this silly banter…
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12" Vinyl UK 22.09.14
londoners kiwi and ashworth return to sneaky for a follow-up to dawn ep, the warm, dusty and at times experimental release, championed by the likes of daniel avery, eric duncan and tiefschwarz. the past few months have been busy for both halves of the duo, with kiwi signing to duke dumont s blase boys club and remixing for house music super-labels bpitch control and get physical, whilst ashworth has signed music to tomoki tamura s holic trax and needwant. second ep takes a new format, with two original tracks alaska and na am on the a-side, backed up by a nicholas & marcoradi remix of cux3 and ranacat s remix of zubr. alaska could be described as an amalgamation of the inspirations that lead to the first sneaky release, combining the pumping house beats of cux3, the comforting wurlitzer of zubr and the ethereal movie-soundtrack dusk. na am is something totally different, existing mainly as a collage of recorded and found sounds, avoiding the usual structure of house music in favour of something reminiscent of the weirder side of the chemical brothers. strange though the track may be, the climax would undoubtedly move a room full of pilled up ravers to a state of frenzy. the b-side remixes both hint to dance floors of the 90s, with nicholas and marcoradi making you wait and wait before dropping an unforgettable piano hook, whilst sneaky s ranacat lifts zubr out of context and into peak time territory.
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12" Vinyl UK 13.05.14
the young guns at east london outfit sneaky music step up with somewhat of a hybrid release for their third outing. combining the talents of michigan maestro rick wade and the young blood from the mobilee stable bringing the feel bang up to date with the remix duties
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