Red Fox

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12" Vinyl UK 11.09.17
* two brand new reggae roots vocal tracks featuring danny red and paul fox are now available on a double a side 12 inch vinyl ep.
* both singers have been busy in the uk sound system scene since the early nineties. also featured are, a side: ras happa (bongos) & fullness (drums).
aa side: jahman dan (bongos) & fullness (drums).
*the two songs are called lion in me and still chanting . each song features both singers in collaboration style and also has two dub versions. it is a joint project between sound business and ababajahnoi labels on the newly formed red fox label.
*12 in plain sleeve, poly sealed outer.
*vocals & dub recorded at sound business.
*produced by: paul fox.
*limited initial press.
Red Fox
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