Brothers In Love

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12" Vinyl D 10.04.12
vinyl only! synths glittering through the night are pierced by metallic percussion and crushed by bass frequencies from a deep abyss! many times have ricardo esposito and micheal nadjé demonstrated their tight dj skills all over europe and now these two brothers have stepped up their game yet again to craft two tracks in a most simple and efficient way that only early chi house is capable of. claps, toms and tambourines rushing fiercely through arped hooks bring back that 87 feeling! the flip transports us back to the present day in the form of two remixes, but wont betray the a-sides spirit. for b1 john spring trades arpeggios for chords and introduces a thump you will surely be able to feel on the floor. kyle, on the other hand, hooks up his analog gear and pulls out synth lines that will get everyone on the dance floor dizzy but only until the bass line crushes their chests.
Brothers in Love
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12" Vinyl D 08.07.13
vinyl only
when theres twilight in boston, you can take many lonely walks around the city...
Brothers in Love
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