Releases from artist / Veröffentlichungen von : Poirier ft Machinedrum & Aleisha Lee

10" Vinyl UK 18.11.16
taken from the acclaimed -migration- album, -kypoli- sees poirier sharing production duties with fellow ninja tune alumni and hot property machinedrum. taking vocal samples from aleisha lee (co-writer of tinie tempah s recent smash -girls like- amongst others) and twisting, chopping and manipulating them into a completely new composition, the pair create a brooding post-dancehall/soul fusion, gaining the perfect balance between ethereal beauty and heavy dancefloor menace. bukem-esque pads and deep dub elegance give way to pounding kicks and floating harmonies, relentlessly building a wall of sonic beauty. remixes come from france s dub mad scientist moresounds, who ups the jungle influence with a classic reese-style bassline and signature rolling snare chops, whilst retaining the balance between dark & light and montreal-based newcomer thomas white who flips the vibe completely for a slo-mo soulection style builder.
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