Zohki / Bidlee - DOWN THE ROAD

Zohki / Bidlee


12" Vinyl D

Obaidli Records / OBD001

Front View : Zohki / Bidlee - DOWN THE ROAD - Obaidli Records / OBD001
Back View : Zohki / Bidlee - DOWN THE ROAD - Obaidli Records / OBD001

Ltd 300 copies , Vinyl Only, Split EP , each Artist with two Tracks

They say journey can take you to so many roads full of experience and lessons, to learn ideas to achieve, and that's when you translate that into musical notes and rhythms.

ÓbaidlÍ records come along the way from the heart of the desert to set the right tone with a particular style. The idea behind the label is to experiment with a wide range of sounds and textures to give it a feel of the organic sounds.

ÓbaidlÍ records are glad to present their first vinyl release 'Down the road', a selective, four-track EP. This EP is a collaboration between two talented producers, the founder of "ÓbaidlÍ records" Bídlee and the head of "Deep in you Music" Zohki. Each track brings its unique touch and deep perception.

Leading off on Side A are tracks by Zohki, that will set you up into a deep rhythm and harmony.

Side B tracks by Bídlee will take you to a long journey of nostalgic tone with symphonic soul, and minimal serve with proper texture. [info sheet from distr.]
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