Yapacc / Slavaki - LAISSEZ FAIRE

Yapacc / Slavaki


12" Vinyl D

Elusive / ELSVREC032

Front View : Yapacc / Slavaki - LAISSEZ FAIRE - Elusive / ELSVREC032
Back View : Yapacc / Slavaki - LAISSEZ FAIRE - Elusive / ELSVREC032

Limited to 100 copies

Elusive Records head honcho Slavaki and label’s mainstay Yapacc join forces for this raunchy tripped out foray into all things dub and minimal. Wax #32 opens with Yapacc’s infections workout - ‘Mighty Mights’. The track juggles the solid stripped-down minimal rhythms soaked in old-school classic feel with Fadila’s vocal provocation that jolts listeners into hovering over a black hole without ever quite going under. Flip over and find the title track of the EP aka Slavaki’s excursion into multi-layered land of experimentation. ‘Laissez Faire’ is a dreamlike tapestry knitted of grovelling bass and myriad of original never before heard tweaks and bleeps. EP closes with ‘Fancy’ a sound embodiment of Alchemist’s Gold. Fusion of dub powder and star dust the wonky drum bubbles and alien glitches take you on a journey into entirely new listening dimensions. A trip we guarantee you will not regret!
Pressed on a 180g vinyl and strictly limited to 100 copies this is the guys’ almost private ‘thank you note’ to their avid fans and collectors alike. Made with love and only available in few handpicked shops this is more of an art piece etching than a mass-produced plastic slab. Treat yourself but be quick!
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