Unknown Artist - TBC 01

Unknown Artist


12" Vinyl D

Universe / U-TBC01

Front View : Unknown Artist - TBC 01 (HAND-STAMPED) - Universe / U-TBC01
Back View : Unknown Artist - TBC 01 (HAND-STAMPED) - Universe / U-TBC01

Vinyl Only. HAND STAMPED!! killer afro-disco-house fusion stuff

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One of the most beautiful things of the 80s for the DJs was the absolute freedom to invent their own musical genre.
There were no wall or obstacle indeed, the artists can be able to spaced into more genres , and if they was able to do this the spotlight are on them.
The people who frequented the clubs at that time were absolutely willing to any sonority , the strangers sonority doesn't scare the public, nay they buzzing with new sounds.
So the Afro genre was born, the only musical genre born in Italy and exported in the world with multiethnic sounds, experimentation and research gave the imagination to Djs so they saw the first percussion and the first samplers in the cabin, the DJ show was born... [info sheet from distr.]
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