Toki Fuko



Annulled / ANNV04

Front View : Toki Fuko - CHAIN REACTION - Annulled / ANNV04
Back View : Toki Fuko - CHAIN REACTION - Annulled / ANNV04

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Early support from Cio Dor, Oscar Mulero, Evigt Morker, Mike Parker, Iori, Etapp Kyle...

Toki Fuko, a representative of the Russian techno scene, joins Annulled for a mental and voodoo techno EP. 'Chain Reaction' focuses on achieving an outstanding environment within a complex fusion of sounds modulated by current randomness, arranged by body and soul. Sometimes odd and trippy, sometimes magical and mysterious, like the unconventional spiritual journey.

Side A.
'Chapter 7 'Desire'': This one of the big book of life. It was an inspiration of one of the lectures of Gangaji. Her immersive voice, along with some drone pads, a modulated Cwejman S1MK2 synthsizer and a lovely broken beat.

'Vaal': was created after a long live record session on Toki Fuko's studio. He experiments with his modular synthesizer a raw and deep atmosphere that captures the listener's attention as you enter your labyrinth.

Side B.
'Polonium': The main bass line was recorded from a BLD modular. The immersive pad, the sequenced bass line, the broken beat and the modulated sounds from a Cwejman S12MK2 synthsizer. Everything together sends you on a journey through the unknown structure of polonium.

'Scandium': A journey across the shamanic path. Everything was recorded from a 909 drum machine and modular synthesizer. The main tonal EFX sound was live recorded on FreqEcho plugin by ValhallaDSP.

Early support from Cio D'or, Oscar Mulero, Evigt Morker, Mike Parker, Iori, Etapp Kyle [info sheet from distr.]
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