Theoretical Speed - 40 GRAMS OF LATENCY


12 Inch

Visionquest Special Editions / VQSE014

Front View : Theoretical Speed - 40 GRAMS OF LATENCY ( AKUFEN/ POLA RMXS) - Visionquest Special Editions  / VQSE014
Back View : Theoretical Speed - 40 GRAMS OF LATENCY ( AKUFEN/ POLA RMXS) - Visionquest Special Editions  / VQSE014

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Feat Akufen, Greg Paulus, John Camp, Pola, Theoretical Speed ..

May 2019 will see the release of Theoretical Speed's "40 grams of Latency EP" featuring John Camp and Greg Paulus of No Regular Play, on Visionquest's Special Editions imprint.

The project, headed by VQ label boss Ryan Crosson, is the first time all three artists have worked together and its stunning two original tracks are perfectly complimented by outstanding remixes from Pola and Akufen. Detroit legend Crosson is no stranger to the scene with releases on Spectral Sound, Trapez, Wagon Repair and of course Visionquest, while Paulus has released on legendary Brooklyn label Wolf + Lamb and a slew of labels as No Regular Play including No. 19, Ghostly, Let's Play House and Under the Shade. John Camp has lent his piano skills to both NRP albums and has had his own releases on Soul Clap Records and HAKT Recordings.

On this release, which is a VQ debut for John Camp, the trio push their boundaries with an experimental sound using a multitude of keyboards, modular gear and trumpet. Title track "40 Grams of Latency", pushes and pulls with grainy percussion, wistful atmospherics and a deep bassline that comes in out of nowhere, while Paulus' inimitable trumpet drifts over the top. The track will flex in the club while at the same time be perfect for an early morning at CDV. The Akufen remix hits with a tight bounce that is the inimitable sound he created, while fresh chords and stabs punctuate the driving beat. On the back half, the remix spirals into a wild reharmonization of the track, completely flipping your perception of the harmony while he dives back into the initial rhythms.

Pola clocks in with thump and precision on his acid laced version of "40 grams", while stretching the trumpet through erie delay and reverb almost making it sound like some animal in the distance. Arpeggios dance through the pads, synths and relentless hi-hats to deliver a perfect compliment to the release. Rounding out the EP is OC9 from Crosson and Camp. The bouyent percussion with a perfect swing and groove, props up Camp's lush jazz chords, synth top lines and distant atmospherics. Underneath all this magic is a fantastic walking bassline that sounds like it was put down by a jazz great
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