The Pro-Teens - TUMULTUOUS

The Pro-Teens


12" Vinyl UK

Many Naps / MN002

Front View : The Pro-Teens - TUMULTUOUS - Many Naps / MN002
Back View : The Pro-Teens - TUMULTUOUS - Many Naps / MN002

Fresh instrumental soul / funk from down under.

The Pro-Teens are a band of highly professional teenagers. Forming in their early tweens this gang of humbled youth were discovered by a rich entrepreneurial neighbour who heard them jamming in their Dad's garage and loved it so much that she signed a deal 'then-and-there' for 2 albums. With funds in their pocket and a youthful naivety under their wings they pounced on the oppurtunity to record thier debut LP 'Tumultuous Times'. With flavours of Fela Kuti, David Axelrod and Ween this dynamic Octet are in for a 'Tumultuous Time' indeed. I II III IV! [info from label]
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