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Telfort / TLFT004

Front View : Telfort - AS THOUGH IT WERE - Telfort / TLFT004
Back View : Telfort - AS THOUGH IT WERE - Telfort / TLFT004

three fresh cuts on Telfort finest

elfort returns to his TLFT imprint with three new cuts, picking up from the initial triptych that placed him on the map as a standout producer, bringing an imaginative and charismatic influence on the genre.

Deep house with a dazzling expanse, Telfort retains his touch as he delivers three bright, optimistic dancefloor vistas that shimmer and shine like sunbeams off a dappled ocean. “As Though It Were” immediately injects energy and light into our minds and bodies with its candescent bass riff, driving buoyant beats and catchy three note melodic deepness, while synth-strings are arranged with perfection. The finely crafted “It’s A Phase” brings a direct and rugged B-line; peppered with light perx and decorated beautifully by a dreamy, weaving lead solo that should draw heartfelt feelings of desire and nostalgia out of all who experience it. “MSR Dub” completes the session with its deep bass plumes and breathy chords and flute melodies. It’s a picturesque and evocative end to
the trip which should etch itself into one’s memory, full of jubilant and joyous sentiments and overwhelming positivity.

Evoking ambrosial notes and feelings throughout, reminiscent of spending life affirming time with top friends in exotic locations and holiday house music splashing in corals. You only live once; ensure it’s spent enjoying tunes like these loaded with carefree abandon.Telfort’s In A Good Place right now... [info sheet from distr.]
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